Settling the Land

Settling the Land

The settlement in Gush Katif and Northern Samaria was established in view to be the embodiment of Zionist and Jewish National values.

The value of pioneering the Land of Israel has many faces –

(Some have seen it in the security aspect  “Wherever the Jewish plow plows its last furrow, that is where the border will run” (Yosef Trumpeldor.
Some saw it as an essential Zionist value as part of the recovery process of the return of the people of Israel from exile to the practical life of a people in their country as can be understood from the words of AD Gordon quoted below.

And some saw it as part of the Torah conception of religious Zionism in relation to settlement in the land of Israel as a basis for building the spiritual status of the people of Israel during the period of redemption promised to them by its prophets.

And what today?

How do we relate to the value of settlement in the age of screens and the aspiration to become a Start Up Nation?

What is the meaning for the urban man in the global village to the connection between Man and the land cultivated by the early Zionists?

We at the Gush Katif Heritage Center deal with these important and other related issues.