The Archive and its Collections

The Archive and its Collections

The Katif Center Archive is a documentary archive established at the initiative of the Gush Katif Committee in 2007 in order to preserve the story of the 35 years of Jewish life in the Gaza Strip in the modern state of Israel.
In 2008 the Knesset passed the law to preserve the heritage of Gush Katif and the northern Shomron, and the archive became part of “the Center” which operates under the Prime Minister’s Office.
The archive is the basis for the whole story of Gush Katif’s past. The archive was built such that it enables us to preserve documents, parts of newspapers, movies, pictures, ads and publications, and visual displays in the most professional way.
The archive provides material for projects initiated by the Katif Center, and provides a solution for the general public, researchers and the various media.
The archive is under the guidance of the State Archives and the Association of Archivists and meets the standards required for the preservation of archival material.


Information for Researchers

Terms of using the reference room:

1.1 The archive is open to all.

1.2 One may not bring into the reference room: food, drink, pens, sharp objects, erasers, white out, and material that might cause damage to the documents.

1.3 The archive material and the books from the reference library will be given for studying only inside the archive during opening hours.

1.4 One may not put objects on the documents, or wrinkle or fold them, or write on them or write signs on them.

1.5 One must keep the original order of the documents. It is forbidden to remove them from their file!

1.6 Use of personal photographic devices is subject to the receipt of archival permission.

1.7 One may use a laptop computer in the reference room.

1.8 One may not copy, distribute, publish, display or publish a document or file in its entirety, without prior consent in writing of the Director of the Archive’s or any other copyrighted person.

1.9 The researcher may make fair use of the material provided that the citation acknowledges the source of the information as both the “Katif Center” archive and the copyright holder.

1.10 One must give to the Katif Center library free of charge one copy of the publication in which use was made of archive material.

1.11 Watching audio-visual material requires the use of headphones.


Form to deposit material to the archive


A Research and Reference Library

The academia is one of the significant places for working on consciousness. Therefore, we see great value in research.
We provide researchers, university students and visitors with archival material, books, studies and personalized photo interviews dealing with the Gush Katif community enterprise, the expulsion, the situation of Gush Katif people in the present and the process of building communities on permanent sites.
The reference library is a combination of reading books and a research and reference library dealing with the history of the Gaza Strip, the communities in Gush Katif and the northern Shomron, the expulsion, the current situation of Gush Katif people and the process of building communities in the permanent sites. As well as literature created following the Disengagement Plan and its consequences for the uprooted Gush Katif families and for Israeli society, photo books, and children’s books.
The Center is open for visitors, for researchers and for students.
Books cannot be lent.

Price List for Services

Photo-copying documents:

1. Photocopying by the archivist 1 NIS for an A4 page 2 NIS for an A3 page

2. Photocopying by yourself – 0.30 agorot for an A4 page 0.50 NIS for an A3 page

3. Taking a picture on a digital camera – free of charge. Without using flash and with the archivist’s permission.

4. Scanning a document in black and white – 0.50 agurot a page.

5. Scanning or printing a document/ picture in black and white – students -1 NIS a document
A commercial body – 10 NIS per document. Requires prior consent of the copyrighted person.

6. Scanning or printing a document/ picture in color – Students 3 NIS a document.
A commercial body– 15 NIS a document. Requires prior consent of the copyrighted person.
Audio/ Video piece 1,000 NIS per minute of broadcast or part of it for a commercial body.

7. Sending a document in regular mail – 2.5 NIS

8. Sending a package in regular mail – the cost of sending the package