Tour at the visitors center

Tour at the visitors center

The tour will introduce you to the story of Gush Katif starting with the history of the region, the establishment of thriving communities, the destruction of those communities and the challenges of building again.

The visitor center enables a personal encounter with the human story behind historical events.

The Visitors Center offers an exciting and meaningful tour which spreads over 6 spaces that combine video, video art, an exhibition of photographs and displays that together create a unique and exciting experience.

The tour includes the

Adult Admission: 25 NIS

The visitor center is open Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 to 15:30.

Pre-registration for a visit is obligatory

Guided tours:

 All of the guides are former residents of Gush Katif who integrate

their own personal, true-to-life stories.

Tours are conducted in Hebrew and English.

For scheduling tours and additional information call 077-4324101

In addition, you can visit the Art Gallery which opened recently and presents exhibitions of paintings based on photographs and  handicrafts created by Gush Katif artists

In the souvenir shop your can find books about Gush Katif , photo albums, games and films