Gush Katif and Northern Samaria

The Gush Katif Commemoration Center is a legal national body established in order to tell the story of the community development in Gush Katif and Northern Samaria and to address the national and educational values of this enterprise for future generations. The Center is temporarily located in the caravilla site of Nitzan. The Visitor Center introduces the story of settling Gush Katif on all its aspects: establishment of the communities, coping with terror, the struggle, the uprooting and the  renewal of the communities. The Gush Katif Center holds regular commemoration activities and fosters research, education and awareness of the Gush Katif and Northern Samaria legacy. For information about the various projects, click here. The Katif Center was designed to preserve the glorious enterprise of 35 years of rural development in Gush Katif, for the sake of future generations.

Purpose of Heritage Center:
  • The story of the settlement in Gush Katif
  • Northern Samaria engage national values
  • Educational associated with this the sake
  • Future generations
Who we are

In 2006, the Knesset passed a law to commemorate the heritage, thus establishing the center. To commemorate the heritage of Gush Katif and Northern Samaria as the State, operating under this law

As a government corporation, acting on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office Purpose of the Katif and northern Samaria and to engage in values ​​

The cnter is temporarily located on the Nitzan RV site, where we plan to establish a permanent visitor center in the locality.

In the visitor center you can meet with the story of Gush Katif on all its components:
Coping with terrorism
Struggle and Displacement and Growth
For information on the Visitor Center, click here

The Center publishes books, produces films and encourages scientific and scientific education and consciousness related to the Gush Katif heritage Northern Samaria. For information on the various projects, click here

Lets find out more
yearning to go on a journey
yearning to go on a journey

A longing campaign is a value and challenging journey Following Gush Katif values and religious Zionism. The idea behind the journey is that there is Values that cannot

New communities
New communities
Gush Katif Archive
Gush Katif Archive

The archive is the foundation of the whole story of past We have to keep: documents, newspaper clippings, Gush Katif. The archive was built to allow Pictures, publications and

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