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New documentry movie - Katif-Net

The film tells the story of Moti Sander and the Katif-Net website. Moti Sander is one of the founders of the Gani Tal community of Gush Katif. Moti, a farmer and a farm owner in Ganei Tal, gets familier with a new technology - the internet. By self - learning and the help of his family he establishes a website to tell the story of Gush Katif and its news on the Internet, and communication amongst residents of the communities. As the struggle of the Gush Katif to keep existing started, Moti harnessed his site as a news & public opinion promotion platform. Moti and his family found themselves at the center of attention due to the technological pioneerism of their site at the time. The site has been a major tool for both the struggle and the activists and supporters from all over the country have found an accessible and effective way to know what is happening in Gush Katif.

Directing and Production - Rebels Kershner

If any breach of intellectual property rights was made it was made in good faith. We would appreciate any information about this error wich will be corrected Immediately.