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The 9th year of Gush Katif uprooting - 10th year mark of the 'Human chain'

To Stand Strong as a Rock!

On August 3rd the Gush Katif Heritage center held the official event commemorating the destruction of Gush Katif at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem.

The event this year also marked a decade to the "Human-chain" in which thousands of supporters held hands from Gush Katif to Jerusalem.

Hundreds of people filled the main hall.

The evening opened with speeches of the chairmen of both the Gush Katif Heritage Center and Begin Heritage Center Shlomo Kostiner and Herzl Makov.

Interior Minister and Knesset Member Gideon Sa'ar and Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat also spoke at the conference.

Photo by Nir Lax

Gidon Sa'ar addressed subject of the settlement in Gush Katif from today's point of view linking it to Israel's security needs and its strength:

"Today we see the consequences of disengagement; we shall teach and remember the parable of Gush Katif also here in Jerusalem, in the South and throughout the country."

Nir Barkat said - "Our response to terrorism is one - to stand firm, to strengthen the settlement everywhere, build Jerusalem in all its neighborhoods and suburbs and keep the spirit of unity, to build and be built."

Photo by Nir Lax

The movie "The Chain Reaction" (produced by Mordi Kershner) which tells the story of the "human chain" protest was screened during the event.

To view the video:

 Later in the evening, a panel moderated by Sivan Rahav -Meir titled took place on the subject of the impact of popular social protests throughout history.

The panel was attended by MK Zevulun Kalfa - human chain operations officer, Prof. Tamar Hermann - Senior Research Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute and an expert on popular protests and Dr. Anat Roth - investigating the struggle for Gush Katif.

Photo by Miri Tzach

Dr. Anat Roth presented her thesis about the fact that the major shaping systems of the Israeli society such as politics, the legal system, the media had poor understanding of the ideology that stood behind the struggle for Gush Katif. These influential sectors saw and presented the protester in a distorted way and caught them in contradiction to what and who they really were.

Additionally Dr. Roth claimed that it is clear why the religious Zionist public circles joined more easily into the national leadership after what happened in Gush Katif.

Prof. Tamar Hermann claimed popular protests are almost always unsuccessful in the short term and should be examined in the long term.

MK Zevulun Kalfa said that out of the strong relationship he has with the secular settlers today, he sees how together we can connect more and more the nation of Israel to its Jewish roots and values. Consequently, he believes, that we will have more abilities and inner strength to overcome terrorism and build our country in the best way. "Israeli chain - said Zevulun- revealed the power of the religious Zionist public's ability to combine vision and practice. As a result, we are now in position of leadership of the State of Israel and give our part in shaping its Jewish character".

Photo by Miri Tzach

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