The Katif Annual Conference

The Katif Annual Conference

The Katif Conference (Kenes Katif) is an annual conference that deals with current and relevant issues in the Israeli society. The leading subject of the conference deals with “national responsibility” because the story of Gush Katif is an expression of the conduct of national responsibility in the history of the people of Israel. The residents of Gush Katif chose to fight for their faith and love for the land while avoiding escalation and civil war, their struggle was characterized by broad popular activity based on positive values of national responsibility.

At the conference we deal with various relevant aspects of national responsibility today, and the importance of this national responsibility, in the fields of art, politics, society and law. We do this with the help of public figures, publicists, journalists, all experts in their field, who express a variety of perspectives on the Israeli public spectrum.

We hold the conference with the insight that today in the reality of different worldviews, profound disagreements, what is mostly needed is dialogue, discourse and listening, out of mutual respect, for the continued idea of the existence of the State of Israel as the home of the Jewish people.

The 7th Katif Annual Conference, commemorating 16 years since the uprooting

The 7th Katif Conference commemorates 16 years since the uprooting.