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Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography

The Center has taken on another goal; to document the progress of the ongoing building of new permanent communities all over the country.

The Center intends to film the new neighborhoods at regular intervals according to the pace of their development.  The film stock will be used in the Center’s future productions.

The Center currently has a database of videos and photography featuring four principal areas:  Lakish, Halutzim, Nahal Sorek and Nitzanim.  The documentation emphasizes the unique quality of each area and records the construction of public buildings in each neighborhood.  The material is filmed in HD quality and is suitable for top quality prints.  There are some 25 photographs and 15 minutes of film footage for each area:

1.    Lakish – shows the landscape, geographical location and archeological digs.
2.    The Halutziot area – the proximity to the Egyptian border, the wilderness, military exercise grounds and agricultural development areas.
3.    The Nitzan and Coastal Plain area:  the proximity to the sea and a nature reserve, public buildings and renewed agriculture in the Zikim area.
4.    Yad Binyamin and Yesodot area:  public buildings under construction and the foundations of private building.

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