Original community: Nisanit
Secretariat: 08-6842935

Contact person/Head of the Community Board and Community Advisor: Yossi Dayan 052-2919986

The Neve Herzog community in Ashkelon introduces displaced members from Nisanit and the northern part of the Gaza region, who have recently inaugurated a new square named the Gush Katif Square, in the heart of the neighborhood under construction.  The word "home" is beginning to take on a real tangible form:

"8 years have passed since we left our flourishing homes and communities in the northern part of the region.
8 years during which we have run into many obstacles and hardship on the way to obtaining our basic right and safety for our families and children: the right to a home.  
8 years in which we have walked step by step and seen the first new homes being built in the heart of the neighborhood, giving a sliver of hope to our community.   
When we inaugurated the Gush Katif Square in our new neighborhood, we knew in our hearts that the time has come for us to come home."
Living in the Neve Herzog neighborhood today are 33 families and 60 families out of the 150 hat have bought plots in the neighborhood are in the process of building their homes.

The community board has set an objective of inaugurating the neighborhood synagogue and community center in within two years.  

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