Yad Binyamin

Yad Binyamin

A religiously observant community located in the Nahal Soreq regional council near the community of Gedera.

The community was established immediately after the founding of the state and was called “Netiva” and was intended for families coming from Yemen who worked in agriculture.

After a few years, these families left the community and then an educational institution was established which was active until 2004.

In 2005 an enlargement to the community started being built which was intended for the general public, and in this year some 150 families, evacuees from various Gush Katif communities joined the Yad Benyamin community. They established the community “Gag Anak” (large roof) an acronym of their destroyed communities, but which also expressed their feeling that they had received a roof over their heads and the warm heart of the regional council head and his employees.

The Gush Katif evacuees, together with the community residents who joined, established a healthy, productive and happy community. Yad Benyamin has public institutions that serve all the municipality.

Yad Benyamin is located close to road 6 which gives it a great advantage.

The original Gush Katif communities: Gadid, Gan Or, Atzmona, Neve Dekalim, and Katif.

Contact person: Dvora Sharabi: 054-3354988 Dvoradesign26@gmail.com