Original Gush Katif community:

Neve Dekalim.

Secretary’s office: 08-6847150

Email: community website:

The community of Neve Dekalim in Nitzan defines itself as a “community in transition.” Moving from one large community in Gush Katif to two communities located at different sites, with more families scattered throughout the land. From one Aguda (cooperative association) – to another Aguda in which only Nitzan residents will be members.

From the people of Gush Katif to a community consisting wholly of the residents of Neve Dekalim and the residents of old Nitzan. And most importantly – from a community living in one place to a community living partially in the permanent site and partially still in the temporary site.

This situation occupies the residents and raises new and additional challenges. So, what are the issues with which the secretariat is busy?

In providing a personal and individual response to the residents, in creating and establishing a joint leadership with old Nitzan, in the physical construction of the community and in the spiritual construction of the community.

The two biggest challenges of all are firstly, connecting between those residents who have moved to their new home and those who are in the various construction stages and are waiting for the next lottery, and secondly, completing the development of the community, and promoting the construction of public buildings.