Netzer Hazani

Netzer Hazani

Original Gush Katif community: Netzer Hazani.

Secretary’s office: 08-6224635. Email:

Community coordinator: Tami Bitton.

Community website:

The Netzer Hazani community lays the foundations! The Netzer Hazani community, which lived for many years at the Ein Tzurim Caravilla Site, is finally starting to get organized for the construction and move to the permanent site near Yesodot.

The first stage of infrastructure is already prepared and standing, and one can begin building houses.

The moshav members are busy designing the houses and the first family has already started building the first house on the new community’s land.

With G-d’s help, some 130 units will be built in the moshav – 40 of them will be the farmers’ families and the rest will be residents and moshav members and their children.

These days, HaHativa LeHityashvut (the settlement division) has begun to carry out the infrastructure work for the moshav members’ agricultural plots near the moshav.

The goal  is to continue cultivating the agricultural areas.