Netzer Ariel

Netzer Ariel

The Netzer Ariel community grew out of the warm, exciting meeting between the residents of the community of Netzarim, and the residents of Ariel, the Shomron (Samaria), and the college students that hosted them for two months after the expulsion.

The Netzer Ariel community numbers more than 120 families today. The community initiates and partners with many Torah, education and kindness activities in the city – the Ariel Institute for Empowering the Family Unit, a mentoring project in the municipal high school, a center for coordinating and guiding volunteers, Benzi – a project with city youth, distributing food to the needy on a weekly basis, a kolel for retirees, Torah lessons throughout the city, a Bar Mitzvah Institute, guiding families in distress, and shows and cultural events.

At the heart of the community is the “Netzer Matai” Hesder Yeshiva headed by Rabbi Zion Tawil shlita. We have established a women’s Midrasha and a men’s Beit Midrash for the students at Ariel University. We have hundreds of students attending these programs.

The community is a warm home and role model for dozens of female students from the student village located in the center of the neighborhood. The girls join the community’s involvement in good deeds for the city.

Immediately upon the community’s arrival in Ariel, a day care was established that operates to this day and has moved to its permanent structure. In 2003 we established a Talmud Torah for boys and a girls’ school under the guidance of Rabbi Zion Tawil. The principal of the boys’ school is Rabbi Amiram Saban, and the principal of the girls’ school is Ms. Efrat Shereshevsky.

The community merited to build a new neighborhood and hundreds of families gathered around it, enjoying the vibrant community life.

Office: 073-2420700

Community coordinator: Talia Lilienthal 055-6691118