Neta – Religious community in the Lachish region

Secretary: 077-7667705

Community coordinator: Hadassa Zipilewitz 054-7775049

Description of the community: More than 100 families currently live in the young, vibrant community of Neta. There are some 450 children in Neta ranging in age from day care to graduating 12th grade. Many of the residents of Neta are originally from the Gush Katif communities of Kfar Darom, Tel Katifa and other Gush Katif communities. There are also many new residents.

There is a multi-purpose building in the community which serves as a synagogue and we hope to soon start building the upper story of the synagogue.

Neta has 3 kindergartens, a day care, a mikva, a sports field, youth centers in caravans, playgrounds and public open space.
Midreshet HaDarom from Gush Katif was re-established in Neta, with its guest rooms, a central dining room and conference halls.