Karmei Katif

Karmei Katif


The residents from the community of Katif in Gush Katif entered their permanent homes in Karmei Katif starting from 2016. Up to now, some 70 families have moved into their permanent homes. The stage 2 infrastructure work is at its peak. Families are preparing to build their homes when the infrastructure work is complete.

The community has day cares and kindergartens which are active and full. The mikva will soon be opened for complete use. The synagogue’s construction is nearly complete.

Karmei Katif has an active Torah and community life with full cooperation of all the residents: shiurim, youth groups, afternoon activities, evening events and more.

Secretary: 077-6161438  mkatif@smile.net.il

Community coordinator: Bilha Shalmon bilhashalmon@gmail.com