Banish the Darkness

Banish the Darkness

Katif Center presents a Hanukkah special project about bravery: “Banish the Darkness”. Across the eight days of the holiday, eight former Gush Katif residents will light a candle while telling their personal stories and explain the symbols and persons who gave them the strength to overcome the pain and build their lives anew. For the first candle, we meet Rina Ackerman, a mother of eleven children from Neve Dkalim, who is waiting for the construction of her new home in the Lachish region. and Rabbi Yitzhak Amitai, an Azmona Talmud Torah educator who knows lives in Shomria.   

 Project “Banish the darkness” produced by

  .Director: Emmanuelle Adda

Producer: Dina Cohen

Camera and Editing: Jonathan Mimoni