Original communities: Tel Katifa, Kfar Darom
Secretariat: Kfar Darom: 077-9611125
Shekef: 077-7667705 E-mail:
Community coordinator – Kfar Darom: Sharona Weissrosen 077-9611125
Community coordinator – Shekef: Shlomit Nativ  0545236873

In the Lakish bends, among green and purple grapes, a small community is coming to life.
And awaits the day when they shall say "This land that was desolate is become like the garden of Eden."  The Neta community members have made it their objective to establish a new community in the Land of Israel, in the renewing eastern Lakish region.
The Neta community is being built in a beautiful region surrounding Mt. Hebron from the west. It is located in the center of the region, with Shomria to the south and the established Amatzia and Shekef communities to the north. In the future, G-d willing, there will also be Haruv, Bnei Dkalim, and Katif Community in Amatzia.
We have gone through a long legal and bureaucratic road and are no seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, emanating clearly and tangibly.

What can already be seen in Neta?  
·    G-d willing, the first 60 lots out of 150 are currently planned for the main hill, including the entire necessary infrastructure.
·     All the lots were bought by community members from both groups and draws were held on the lots.
·    We are waiting for the final approval so we can move forward with building the houses soon.  
Two communities joined together to form the new village:

·    The Neta community in Shekef, founded by the Tel Katifa families, Neve Dkalim and many other families.
·    The Tsofei Darom community founded by families from Kfar Darom and new families.  Both families decided to merge into one community that will live in Neta.

We are now busy merging the new communities into one and planning the permanent location.
On some of the topics we act as one unified community – joint secretariat, cultural committee, absorption committee etc. and on other topics, each community continues to act independently – mutual aid committee, internal cultural events, synagogue, kindergartens and day cares, afternoon classes etc.

We try to fulfill the settlement mission we have undertaken with joy and vigor, praying that the unique roots from which our communities have sprouted will grow a village that will gloriously carry the uniqueness we have brought with us form Kfar Darom, Tel Katifa and the rest of the Gush Katif communities, in addition to a fresh, innovative and renewed support.   

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