Tene Omarim
Original community: Morag

Secretariat: 08-6517191

Community coordinator: Iris Cohen 054-7775194

Families from Morag resettled in Teneh – Omarim, near Meitar and Be'er Sheba.
With Rabbi Itzik Amitai's help, we tried to recall the different phases of the community and the stations it had along the way since the expulsion:  
"In early 5766 (2005-2006), after a two-month stay in Ulpanat Ofra, Teneh-Omarim absorbed a group of 15 families from Gush Katif, mostly from Morag.  A row of "Amana" houses stood empty for a number of years, until the good will of representatives from the Har Hevron Regional Council and the community, filled them with the invigorated spirit of young families.  And so the community (established 26 years ago) grew, the kindergartens and day cares expanded, benches were added to the beautiful inaugurated synagogue, a caravan neighborhood was built and populated by new families and young couples that arrived, and the religious community in Teneh-Omarim grew significantly.
And does it look like construction is still going on?
Yes, indeed, confirms Rabbi Itzik.  Another 20 housing units are currently being built in the community.  And he adds: "I haven't even mentioned that our community has a magnificent view, fresh air, a swimming pool, a grocery store,  a health clinic, a library, a horse ranch, a petting zoo, an industrial area, kindergartens and day cares." And within this picturesque scene, about 150 families are forming a common and heterogenic life together in the southern Judean Mountains. G-d willing, the joint path of the 2 communities will merge into one path that forges ahead.

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