Original community: Atzmona

Secretariat: 089961783


Community coordinator: Idit Atlani 0545865833

Nave, a new community being established in a beautiful region, resembles Gush Katif in its landscape (without the sea) and is even located near the former Gush Katif region – in the dunes of Halutza.   
Rabbi Eli Adler introduces us to what has already been established on the site and tells us that "after the disengagement, about 20 families made a quick decision to found a new region on the dunes of Halutza.  We didn't know who would follow us; the decision was like diving into deep waters for the first time."
According to him, there was a former plan to establish a number of communities in the dunes of Halutza, which stemmed from a settling aspect and the significance of cultivating the wilderness.
What led you to settle here?
And Rabbi Eli names a few aspects in making their decision:  the security aspect – this is the south-west border of Israel.  The spiritual aspect – it was a mission of cultivating a spiritual wilderness.  The agricultural aspect – most of the agricultural areas already belonged to Atzmona, which have flourished and increased since their arrival.
Who are the pioneers that have joined you here?  
-We started out as a very small group from the Atzmona evacuees and were later joined by the paramilitary preparatory course and the Netzarim group to Yevul.  Form there, a big abruption wave began.  Today we are 80 families in the temporary location in Yated. It is important to note that the families have already joined us in our temporary location.
-Indeed, it is a distinguished group.
Where do things stand as far as building permanent homes?
-Rabbi Adler says that the permanent homes are already underway, and that they have been chosen "nave" as the new name of the community.  "We started by farming and moved on to building the homes.  There are many problems and bureaucracy, but we are making progress despite them.
-There are currently 40 families whose homes are in advances stages of construction. Most of these families are from Atzmona and we are ready to continue…"

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