The Settler

מאת:Orit Arfa
מחיר: 50
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    August 2015. The Israeli Defense Force evacuates 9,000 Jews from the Gush Katif settlement bloc in Gaza.Sarah Dakar never imagined she'd go from "good girl" to party girl, but ever since her own army drags her out of her home in Gaza, nothing is sacred.Sarah moves to Tel Aviv, the Israeli metropolis, which becomes her "city of sin" as she steps onto the dance floor of the world-famous nightclub, Atlantis.The illustrious, powerful owner of Atlantis, Ziv Harel, is more than glad to transform a "religious settler" into a nightlife queen, but how far will Sarah go to question who she is – and  at what cost

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    A Los Angeles native, journalist and author Orit Arfa moved to Israel in 1999 where she wrote extensively about Israeli politics and Tel Aviv nightlife, two worlds that merge in her debut novel, The Settler. In 2016 she moved to Berlin where she completed her second novel, Underskin, a steamy German-Israeli romance: