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Northern Samaria Visitor center

The Katif Center is entrusted with the commemoration, heritage and awareness of the four communities in northern Samaria.

In the month of Av 5765, as part of the disengagement plan, four of the northern Samaria communities were destroyed: Ganim, Kadim, Homesh and Sa Nur.  The settlers were uprooted from their homes and their homes were destroyed together with 21 settlements in the Gaza region.

The four settlements of Homesh, Sa-Nur, Ganim and Kadim were founded in a region with deep Israeli roots, and out of sentiment that the sons have returned to their patrimony.
The Center initiates awareness and commemoration activities of northern Samaria.

The best part of the work is no doubt the on-site tour and observations of the magnificent landscapes of northern Samaria.
The Katif Center initiates unique tours that depict the northern Samaria heritage, aimed to teach and connect visitors to the rich and extensive Jewish history of this region.

An audio guide system has been installed at the Dotan Valley observation point (Maoz Tzvi), vividly telling the story of northern Samaria.

A photography exhibit at "Beit Zamir" in Mavoh Dotan tells the history of settling in northern Samaria.

The Katif Heritage Center works in collaboration with Samaria Tours & Study Center (Midreshet Shomron) in order to continue the commemoration and legacy of the Northern Samaria. Seminars and conferences take place several times during the year and unique tours are held periodically on the ruins of the destroyed communities and at various observing points in the region.

Last year an ancient bunker was refurbished next to the guesthouse of Midreshet Shomron in Shavei Shomron. It shows a multimedia presentation in "The Cave". Visitors can watch an exciting movie about the long history of Northern Samaria, since biblical times until our days.

New! In July 2016 a new feature is presented in the "Cave": A poignant documentary about Homesh entitled: Where did the spirit go?

You are invited to this special educational and meaningful experience and connect to the roots of the Jewish people!!!

The communities that were uprooted in summer 5765 (2005)
Settlement in northern Samaria was renewed in the late 70's. The Sa-Nur settlement served as a transit and integration point for the settler groups before they formed their own communities. The first settler group was the Dotan Group which settled in Sa-Nur in 1977 and founded the Mavoh Dotan village in 1981, followed by additional villages.
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