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We are pleased to offer an exciting all-day tour of Hof Ashkelon region's best tourist sites combining heritage, sea and nature.

09:30 Nitzanim Beach - Breakfast with a sea breeze on one of Israel's most beautiful beaches

To start your day off right, bring a picnic breakfast to eat at the beach. In addition to beautiful golden sands, Nitzanim Beach provides visitors with JNF picnic tables on a sprawling lawn.

10:30 Gush Katif Heritage Center - Nitzan.

The Visitor Center introduces visitors to Gush Katif, starting with stories of its establishment and 35 years of development, proceeding through the pain of the uprooting and on to the continuing challenges of renewed building. The tour takes visitors through six spacious halls integrating videos, pictures and exhibits, creating a unique and exciting experience.

All of the tours guides are former residents of Gush Katif who share their personal stories throughout the tour.

12:30-13:30 Lunch is served in the dining hall of Kibbutz Yad Mordechai (Kosher under the supervision of the Hof Ashkelon Rabbinate).

13:30 The House of Bees and Honey - Kibbutz Yad Mordechai

After lunch enjoy a sweet tour at the museum center of “Yad Mordechai Honey”, the largest apiary in Israel.

“The House of Bees and Honey” offers a guided tour, suitable for all ages, of its famous hive.

The tour includes watching the beekeepers work, an introduction to the honey production process, learning about the life cycle of bees, the structure of a natural hive, the social hierarchy of bees, how honey benefits the human body, the role of the queen bee and those of the other bees in the hive.

For dessert, treat yourself to a taste of fresh honey, and make a beeswax candle. For a taste to take home, the apiary's products are available at the factory store on the premises.

After the apiary, join a tractor-wagon tour through beautiful fields and other sectors of the kibbutz, featuring explanations of its various branches and animals.

15:00 “Path to Peace” - Moshav Netiv Ha'Asara.

“Path to Peace” is a mosaic created by the joint effort of thousands of individuals striving together for the sake of hope, love and joy among peoples. The mosaic is mounted on the border wall separating Israel and the Gaza Strip, adjacent to the residential area of Netiv Ha'Asara.

The tour includes meeting Tzameret  Zamir, the ceramic artist who developed the “Path to Peace” mosaic project. She shares with visitors the beautiful experience of life on Moshav Netiv Ha'Asara alongside coping with the security situation and above all strength and hope for a peaceful and better future. As a contribution to the project, each visitor writes a personal wish on a piece of glazed ceramic stone and glues it onto the wall.

Ceramic workshop and personal keepsake: Visitors learn techniques for painting ceramics and prepare a colorful Hamsa as a unique souvenir to end an exciting day.


Entry to all sites, including tours and workshop: 110 NIS per person

Lunch is served buffet-style (Kosher, Hof Ashkelon Rabbinate)

Tourist agent discount: 10%.

Fee includes taxes.

Minimum group size: 40 participants

Fee does not include transportation.

For further details please contact:

+972-(0)8-672-0559/ +972-(0)52-392-3104
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