History of northern Samaria
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During the Six Day War, the Judea and Samaria regions were freed.  The battle in the Dothan Valley was one of the harshest battles of the war.  On the second day of the war, an armored force (Division 45 from the Northern Command) began to conquer Jenin, while the rest of the forces waited in the Dothan Valley.
Near the Qabatiya Junction, the fighters noticed Jordanian Panton tanks, and within seconds, a bloody battle ensued, while the enemy had the upper hand in its deployment.  The IDF won over the Jordanian force in a hard battle that revealed sodality and heroism in all its glory.   
The IDF lost 51warriors.  A monument was placed in the Qabatiya Junction in commemoration of the fallen soldiers, bearing the inscription: "Fame and glory to the Armor Division who sanctified the homeland with their blood."  Next to it stands a deserted Jordanian tank. (Moved to the Armor Museum following the Oslo Agreement)
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