History of northern Samaria
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Second Temple

During the early Second Temple days, the Book of Judith tells the story of Judith beheading Holofernes, an invading Greek general of Nebuchadnezzar dispatched in the Dothan Valley.

From the time of the Hasmonean dynasty up until the end of the Second Temple period, a large Jewish province named Aruboth - Arbata – Narbata existed in Northern Samaria (preserving the name of the Arab village Araba).  This Jewish province was located in an area that was mainly Samaritan and foreign.
At the end of that period, the 'Narbata Province' served as the base for the core of the Zealotry Movement in the Great Jewish Revolt that erupted in Caesarea.  Despite the harsh outcome of the revolt, a Jewish community in Northern Samaria continued to exist up until the Muslim Period, when it dissipated entirely (aside from a small community in Shechem and Jenin).

The sons returned to their patrimony.

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