History of northern Samaria
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During the monarchy period, the capital of the Israeli monarchy moves from Shechem to the city of Samaria.  Naturally, many monarchial and political dramas and wars occurred in the Northern Samaria area.
During the time of Israel's King Yehoram, the army of Hazael King of Aram laid siege to the city of Dothan, attempting to capture Elisha the Prophet.  Elisha shows his disciple that "for they that are with us are more than they that are with them."  (2 Kings 6:15)  The mighty Aram army is surrounded by chariots of fire; Elisha smites Aram with blindness and the army of Aram surrenders to the king of Israel in the city of Samaria.  The Samaria exile in 721 B.C. ends the Israeli monarchy.

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