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History of northern Samaria
Northern Samaria is the northern part of the Samaria Mountains comprising the main mountain ridge of Israel.  
The borders of Northern Samaria are: the Jezreel Valleu from the north; the Shechem River from the south; the Jordan Valley downgrade from the east, and the Eron River and Heffer Valley downgrade to the west. 
Northern Samaria is made up of mountain ridges and widespread dales (the mountain ridges make up the two main anticlines of Samaria:  the Ramallah-Pharaoh anticline to the east and the Anvata anticline to the west.  The Dothan Valley is the largest of the Samaria valleys, named after the ancient city of Dothan, located in the southern part of the valley.  The Dothan Valley has been of great importance in terms of agriculture, main roads and strategically, from ancient times to today. 
A long and impressive Israeli history has unfolded in the Northern Samaria expanse.   
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