Original community: Atzmona

Secretariat: 077-9611125

Community coordinator: Zvulun Kalfa 054-5684430

We continue our tour of the communities and reach Shomria, located on the southern side of eastern Lakish, an area that was poorly settled and now G-d willing, a few Gush Katif families are building their homes on it and are joined by many others.
How did settlement begin in Shomria? I ask Jonathan Rom and Tova Eliyahu, who are accompanying us.
The Shomria community was founded by Atzmona people, about 50 families who came there from "Ir Emnuna" (a tent city near Netivot).  In the years that have passed, other families from across the country have been absorbed.  All in all, Kibbutz Shomria consists of about a hundred families. 20 of them make up the core group for the "Neta" new settlement in the area – established by people from Kfar Darom and Tel Katifa
You are living on a kibbutz, I ask.  Does it affect the nature of your settlement?

"Yes, of course," Jonathan states.  The settlement is done within the kibbutz framework, allowing Shomria to engage in agricultural activity such as olive groves, grapes for wine, field crops, greenhouses, a barn and coops.
I understand that the place itself has varied employment sources.

 What about educational frameworks for children?  Are they also located on the kibbutz premises? Or are the children forced to travel outside?

Tova answers by saying that the topic of education was solved by building educational institutions within the village – day cares, kindergartens, Talmud Torah for boys and a girls' school, a youth Yeshiva and Kolel.

And what about building permanent homes? And educational institution buildings?

Shomria is currently in the process of construction that has begun since we arrived here and is expected to continue in the next few years in order to create an extensive reality of living with proper spiritual and physical infrastructure for our benefit.  This includes building Talmud Torah and a girl's school, sewage, residential neighborhoods, tourist structures and public structures.

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