Nir Akiva
Original community: Kfar Darom

Secretariat: 08-6847781


Community coordinator: Liel Agmon 0508221164

After endless meetings with all the relevant governmental entities, empty premises and locations scouts in many places that have led to nothing, it seems like it his happening this time.  Luckily, the members of Kfar Darom will get to leave their tall buildings in Ashkelon, where they were moved from the hotel in Be'er Sheba, and return to living closer to the land as they have in the past.  And this will take place in Nir Akiva.
Oz Kadmon tells us that with a sigh of relief that this process has been long and taxing but has begun thank G-d.  He says the construction plans have been approved, that the agreement with 18 families have been signed, and that the Jewish National Fund bulldozers have begun working ad flattening the area.  Once preparing the area is completed, caravillas will be placed there to enable families to move in.  After that, the process of building the homes will be facilitated.  Even the process of obtaining the caravillas was not easy at all and had the settlement division not helped, it is unlikely that they would have been put into place.  Having gone through so much, this group does not despair.  Oz talks about the public structures to be built on the site such as a synagogue and a school building, and a playground that is currently being installed.  He smiles and adds that the children will feel more connected to the new place once they come and see the new playground facilities awaiting them.
"Indeed," says Oz, "we have a long way to go but we are believers who are sons of believers and we don't quit in the middle of a process."
G-d willing, this group will settle well in their new location and build their permanent homes soon.

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