Nezer Ariel
Community: Netzer Ariel
Original community: Netzarim
Secretariat: 03-9068946  E-mail:
Community coordinator: Hadas Shimmel 0528604260

The Netzarim community in Ariel consists of nearly 60 families today.  More than half of them come from different places around the country and have joined the core group we founded in Ariel, living on the streets adjacent to the caravans' site.

The expelled families live in the caravans and containers sites.  Four and a half years after the expulsion, the community members are still unable to build their permanent homes in Ariel.  After years of changes and efforts, by their own initiatives unsupported by the government, an adequate site has been located, lots have been purchased, houses have been planned and the building permits have been obtained.  But due to the Israeli government's call for a total freeze, none of the construction has been executed.  A tough battle has been going on in the last few months to remove the decree, at least in this case.  We hope that the power of reason will eventually win, and that we will be able to begin construction.  
Though all building is frozen, the community's vibrant life and area of activity are far from that.  At the core is the Netzer Matai Hesder Yeshiva led by Rabbi Zion Twill May he live long and happily, which has arrived from Yevul this past summer.  Alongside it is the established Derech Ayah Kolel operating in Netzarim for many years.  The Ariel University Center of Samaria includes a female students' college and the Oz Roee seminary named after Major Roee Klein May the Lord revenge his blood. This year, about 300 students took part in these schools.   

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