Neve Yam
Original communities: Elei Sinai, Rafah Yam

The El Hayam group is made up of Gush Katif and Northern Samaria evacuees who cam together from seven communities:  Elei Sinai, Nisanit, Dugit, Rafah Yam, Gadid, Ganim and Kfar Yam.  This group, mainly consisting of experienced members who are knowledgeable in founding communities, has come together to remember the past and build the future.

In October 2005, Avi Farhan was joined by four families in order to announce the establishment of a new core group. "We climbed the hill across from the northern region communities and read the charta signed by the group founders, who committed to connecting, uniting, accepting and being open to people from the city, the cooperative and the kibbutz. And indeed, as we then declared, thank G-d, we were able to fulfill this and are today members of kibbutz Neve Yam.
The group consists of twenty six families who are anxiously waiting to strike roots and begin their recovery after the humiliating expulsion, but are unfortunately forced to wait, since bureaucracy is holding up their settlement.   They believe this has also caused them to lose valuable group members who would have joined, had the process not been so long and taxing.
On the bright side, the group mentions the Neve Yam kibbutz members, who received them with expectation and joy of the new era for the two communities soon to be united.

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