Netzer Hazani
Community: Netzer Hazani

Original community: Netzer Hazani

Secretariat: 08-8609277

Community coordinator: Anet Meller 0542562609

Community website:

The Netzer Hazani community is striking roots!
The Netzer Hazani community has been living on a caravilla site in Ein Zurim for many years now, is finally getting ready for construction and relocation to its permanent residence near Yesodot.
The first phase of the infrastructure is ready and houses can now be built.  The community members are busy planning their homes and one family has already started building the first house on the new village location.  
G-d willing, the village will comprise of about 130 units, of which 40 will be farmers and the rest of them families of village residents with their children.
The Settlement Division is currently performing all the infrastructure work for the residents'' farming lots located near the village, with the aim of starting to cultivate the farming areas towards the winter of 5772 (2011 – 2012).   

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