Original community: Pe'at Sadeh

Secretariat: 08-6737252
Contact person: Ella Amin 054-5684833

In the well-established moshav, whose residents are mostly Holocaust survivors around eighty years old, the Pe'at Sadeh people and the senior residents live in harmony.
The community's secretariat is lively, with residents going in and out, so much so that it isn't clear who is senior and who is new, but for their look which gives their age away.

What about building permanent homes?
Some of the families have already built their homes on the lot that formerly hosted their caravillas.  

What is life like in Mavki'im?
Thank G-d, we have an excellent secretariat and a wonderful secretary who takes care of all of our needs as individuals and as a community.  Our cultural life is full of joint activities with the senior residents.
We have a synagogue, a club, and a sports ground, and one can see the renewal of the community when walking around the moshav.  

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