Original community: Shirat Hayam

Secretariat: 04-6585015
Community coordinator: Rachel Vitkin 057-2207524

Shirat Hayam's website:

The group members of Shirat Hayam settled in the Jordan Valley.
After much hurdle, promises, standstills and more, the buds of building and farming are already evident.  
At first, the families were given caravans, and the few structures built were designated for the families that remained in Hemdat.  It was impossible to absorb additional families for lack of housing units.  
But the optimism of Yossi Hazut – the community's secretary – is limitless, and the great spirit of the group has led to results.  Four more caravans were brought to absorb four more families to reinforce the group.  And G-d willing, the construction of permanent housing has also commenced, the lot for building a day care has been approved and the community is growing and settling down.
The agriculture:  
An olive and palm groves have been planted. We share the 400 Dunam palm grove; one part of the plot belongs to the community and another part belongs to private residents.

What is next?
G-d willing, many more houses will be built in Maskiot; children will play in its paths, the olives and palms will bear fruits and we will get to enjoy all this.  

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