Ganei Tal
Original community: Ganei Tal
Secretariat: 08-8594865
Community coordinator: Mira Mark 050-5588586

The New Ganei Tal – if that the name chosen for the community being established near Hafetz Haim?
The answer to that is unclear.  What is clear is that the new Ganei Tal (or however the community is called) is a direct continuation of Ganei Tal; an independent community that will not be considered an expansion of Hafetz Haim.

Those travelling today between Beni Re'em and Hafetz Haim cannot help but see the developed lots awaiting dozens of Ganei Tal families.  Among the lots one can discern the beginnings of construction.  The first families have begun building their homes; day care and kindergartens have been built by the regional council; roads have been paved between the lots – and everything is waiting for the big wave of construction currently it its final planning stages.

The Ganei Tal community, which has moved as a whole to a temporary location in Yad Binyamin and absorbed dozens of its sons over the years, is undergoing various community processes to help examine the community's vision, absorption and other issues.
Even today, the most common phrase in the community is: Ganei Tal – one big family.  What was will be.  And that is what we are wishing you:  may you reinforce the extended family, develop and grow in the new community, and may each one find his place, livelihood and peace.
The settlement division is completing the development of agricultural plots around the new community.  Some archeological findings were discovered in some of the plots while tractors were working there.  Representatives of the Antiquities Authority rushed there, and a salvage digging took place, revealing a large wine-press.  This finding confirmed the researchers' assumptions that wine was produced there in ancient times.  When digging was over, the wine-press was displayed in all its glory.  A large, unique wine-press.  
All that is left now is to decide whether to leave the wine-press exposed and turn it into a tourist site or photograph it and then cover it – like in many salvage digging sites in Israel.      

If any breach of intellectual property rights was made it was made in good faith. We would appreciate any information about this error wich will be corrected Immediately.