Bustan Hagalil
Community: Bustan Hagalil

Original communities: Nisanit

Community coordinator: Itzik Dadon  Tel: 0525376496

If you go north along the Mediterranean coast, you will start from the magical shores of Gush Katif, deserted in Av 5765, passing along the way a few communities where Gush Katif members have chosen to continue their lives.  
The residents, for whom the sea seen through their window everyday was the main characteristic of their community, who relied on the sea for their livelihood – have chosen to continue in similar landscapes.
Bustan Hagalil was joined by 30 families from Dugit and Nisanit. The land allocated for the displaced Gush members was defined as an expansion of the cooperative.  The land was outlined and designated for planning and a draw was held for 100 lots divided as follows: about 59 for the sons of land owners, about 30 for Gaza region evacuees and another 11 lots for sons of families from auxiliary farms
Building Permanent Homes:    
17 families are in the process of construction.  Some are just starting out and some are about to finish.

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