Bnei Netzarim
Original community: Netzarim
Secretariat: 077-7088884/6

Community coordinator: Moshe Persiko 0545236527

Immediately following the disengagement form Gush Katif, the residents of former Netzarim sat down to decide on their next national mission.
"It is precisely the bad state we reached, "Eliyahu Uzan from Moshav Yevul tells us, "a terrible reality of dismantling an entire region for no meaningful reason, that has instilled in us a great sense of responsibility for the future of this generation and the need to roll up our sleeves and help raise their morale."
He describes the dilemma around the question of what cause do we enlist first out of all the necessary tasks:
"Two paths stood before us in the social track - propaganda and teaching Torah; and in the settlement track – the building of a new region that would balance out the destruction that had been done.  Most of us chose the settlement track together with some of the Atzmona members, and we began construction in the dunes of Halutza.
Indeed he believes it is only the beginning, but two hundred families are already living in the area, and Eliyahu is convinced it is only the tip of an entire region underway.
The construction is planned in phases.  In the first phase, 3 communities will be founded:  Halutzit 4, whose future name will be "Neve"; Halutzit 1, to be called "Bnei Netzarim and "Shulamit," which serves as the main community center in the region.
The planning and construction are underway, and it seems that you are prospering in the agricultural aspect?

"Indeed," Eliyahu confirms in satisfaction, "agriculture has widely developed in the region, focusing on classical Gush Katif crops: organic pepper, organic tomato, greens etc.  We also entered the field of seed planting and are growing crops in the open land like all other farmers in the area – potato, carrot, artichoke, scallions and more.
What about educational institutions for your children?
"Many educational institutions are already operating in the area:  two schools, an ulpana, a high school yeshiva, a kolel for yeshiva students, a paramilitary preparatory course and a college, so we are already independent from an educational standpoint."
Eliyahu stresses that this is not the end as far as they are concerned. "Our goal for the coming years is to reach one thousand two hundred families and establish two more communities for which planning has been approved, and from there on – the sky is the limit."
We join the hope of those cultivating the wilderness and congratulate our southern sister Halutzit; may you multiply a thousand fold.  

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