Bnei Dkalim
Community: Bnei Dkalim

Original community: Neve Dkalim

Secretariat: 08-8583602

Community website:
Community coordinator: Idit Kapah 0545684938

The hill in eastern Lakish, which up until a year ago looked just like all the other hills, has taken new form.  Major infrastructure work has been done in the area in order to enable the construction of a new community for the Neve Dkalim evacuees and many families that have expressed their desire to join this unique community.
In the first phase, 153 lots were permitted for building homes and public structures, and work on them is about to be completed.  
The access road has been paved with asphalt, as have all the roads within the first neighborhood. Curbstones have been laid and each lot has been given a "pillar" and hooked up to all the necessary infrastructures.
The lots, as are the residents, are waiting for construction to commence.  Like in other communities, the secretariat of Bnei Dkalim is also offering residents the option of joint construction.  

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