Beer Ganim
Bdolach, Elei Sinai, Rafah Yam – Gadid, Gan-Or, Netzer-Hazani, Nisanit, Neve Dkalim, Morag

"When they would camp in the desert, the well would water the gardens with scents and the women of Israel would pick them and make perfumes out of them, as said: Spikenard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon.  Where are all of these from? From a well of living waters."
(Yalkut Shimoni Anthology, Song of songs 4)

Be'er Ganim is the name of the association for resettling the Nitzanim area, which is acting under the banner of "together we will revive the Gush" – this is our vision and guiding light.

What is the source of this unique name?
Since the community is made up of a variety of members from different original communities, this motif was also considered by the community naming committee, who chose the name Be'er Ganim by a majority of votes; the idea of choosing a name that was made up of the initials of all its communities of origin resonated with many.  A name that offers simplicity, freshness, a well, water, lively new gardens and vegetation.  
G-d willing, the community will be comprised of clusters, with a common center made up of public structures such as a community center, a sports center and a school.

Building Permanent Homes:    
We share a vision of unity; we have organized and gathered resources for joint construction, powered by our belief that a large group has the power and strength to achieve numerous goals and objectives pertaining to the construction process on all its aspects.  And above all, "a community is building together and starting a new life together!"  91 families have registered for joint construction and in advanced stages of obtaining building permits.   

Public structures:
Synagogues, community clubs, mikvehs, day care – have all been green-lit for full planning.  Execution will be gradual according to the budget of each cluster.  

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