Avney Eitan
Original community: Gadid, Neve Dkalin, Kfar Darom, Netzer Hazani, Tel Katifa
Secretariat: e-mail: gkatifgolan@walla.co.il
Community coordinator: Tova Hadad Tel: 0545684574

About 20 families from different Gush Katif communities decided to settle in Moshav Avnei Eitan under the name "Gush Katif Golan Community."
Most of the families opened small businesses neat their homes: guest houses, clothing shop, art gallery, ceramics workshop, catering, visitors' attractions: 4-wheel driving, bow and arrow and raspberry picking.  Jeep tours, SPA treatments, event design, and agriculture: greenhouses for organic vegetables and pest-free greens: broccoli, cauliflower, celery and lettuce; flower greenhouses; a grocery store in Haspin and in Kanaf, and a pizzeria. 

Building Permanent Homes:    
The families hope that the much anticipated permits for building permanent homes in Avnei Eitan will come through in the coming year.

Our children learn in the regional schools: Haspin, Keshet, Taberias Ulpanit and the Haspin Yehsiva and have acclimated well thank G-d.

Remember and Return:
The Gush Katif heritage center currently being established in the Golan will represent and teach about our life story in Gush Katif for the Golan children and residents as well as the many visitors touring the Golan area.
The first project we completed is a huge mosaic of photos from the Gush, which we put together as a community project along with mosaic artist and Golan resident Arik Halfon.  The artwork will be displayed in the entrance to the heritage center.   

If any breach of intellectual property rights was made it was made in good faith. We would appreciate any information about this error wich will be corrected Immediately.