Amatzia / Karmei Katif

Community: Amatzia / Karmei Katif

Number of families: 70 families (45 of them from Gush Katif)

Number of families in permanent homes: 0

Community secretary: Doron Ben-Shlomi

Secretariat: 077-6161438


Community coordinator: Bilha Shalmon

Community institutions: day care, kindergartens and afternoon care, Bnei Akiva branch and an afternoon activity schedule for children.

Occupation: Varied professions – education, medicine, industry, services and more.

Education: Local day care and kindergartens. Most of the elementary school students study in Shomria as well as Yad Binyamin and Kiryat Gat. There is an afternoon activity schedule as well as a Bnei Akiva branch and youth activities.

The Katif community in Amatzia consists of about 70 families, or which 45 lived in Gush Katif, and the rest of the families were absorbed during the 6 years we have been living in Amatzia.

The community has an organized system that ran in Gush Katif and continues working here too, while staying attentive to making the necessary changes. The system includes a secretariat and chosen committees that handle different issues such as, religion, education, children and youth, culture, absorption, mutual aid, etc.

The Katif community is guided by Rabbi Noah Vizonsky from its very inception.

The Bnei Akiva branch is led by a National Service instructor and local youth leaders. There is an afternoon activity schedule in different disciplines such as music, art, sports and science.

There are summer camps for kindergarten and elementary school children.

A varied cultural program for children, youth and adults runs throughout the year by staff members from the community's families.

This year, we are celebrating 25 years to the establishment of this Gush Katif community with a number of events that will take place during the year and address different audiences related to the community, such as parents, graduates, former Katif residents etc.

We see a great importance in marking our 25th year and the various events around it, both for reinforcing and uniting the community through running the events, and in conveying a message, both inward and outward, that the story of the Gush Katif community dates back 25 years, and lives on in Amatzia. This story embraces development, expansion and revival, and the crisis caused by the expulsion has not interrupted its flow. G-d willing, we continue in the hopes of building our permanent residence soon.

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