Tel Katifa
The northernmost community on the Gush Katif shore.  Founded on the eve of Independence Day, 5752 (1991), the night Rabin went into power.
It was initially defined as the agriculture community of Kfar Darom.  A month after striking roots, Yitzhak Rabin OBM was assassinated and everything came to a halt.
The name Tel Katifa comes from the nearby archeological hill, dating from the Egyptian- Canaanite period, which gave its name to the entire Gush Katif.  Its geographical location ensured that a large plot of land remained within the Gush premises – a 4 km shoreline.  The community, which encountered problems with construction and permits on behalf of the authorities, slowly got on track thanks to the determination of the settlers.  
On Chanukah 5760 (2000), another group of families (mostly Gush residents) arrived there.  In its last days, Tel Katifa consisted of 15 families.     

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