Shirat Hayam
Founded on the 22 of Heshvan 5761, 20.11.2000, as a Zionist response to the murderous terrorist act on the children's bus in Kfar Darom that same morning.
That night, the Defense Committee of the Cabinet approved entrance into the "ten homes" that stood deserted since the time of the Egyptians.  The initial group began to form with the help of Ronnie Zalach (May the Lord revenge his blood) from the nearby Kfar Yam, whose life was cut short by a bullet at the gate to his greenhouses on the 20 of Tevet.
The plan was to fight back the waves and hook up with Neve Dkalin, the largest community of the region, whose home port was to be included in its outline.  The community consisted of 16 families and 26 children, but in the last weeks before the uprooting, many families arrived to settle and support the members of Shirat Hayam.

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